WebMoney Transfer — международная система расчетов и среда для ведения бизнеса в сети, основана в 1998 году. За это время к системе присоединилось более 45 миллионов человек по всему миру.


Автор: Howard | Категория: English | Опубликовано: 05-04-2012


Howard Welcome users of the system Webmoney and those who want to start using this remarkable system.

My blog — about the payment system Webmoney, its rules and regulations. Here I sharemy thoughts on innovation systems of services working in this wonderful PC. Well worth special note that in this blog I comment on a particular type of services that operate in violation of the rules of the system WebMoney. After all, everyone understands why these services are in violation of the rules — and then to throw the user money and do not incurany responsibility.

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Error: The operation timed out (-2147012894) step = 5.09

Автор: Howard | Категория: English | Опубликовано: 02-12-2010


I rarely see the error The operation timed out (-2147012894) step = 5.09 if paid bymerchant, when the last stage of «pay» the error occurs.

I asked technical support about the error.
I quickly received a reply.